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Why doves?

Because they convey a strong and touching message.

These birds are the symbol of love and fidelity... which sticks to the image of marriage.

They have the particularity of sharing the hatching of their eggs and remaining with their partner until the end of their life.

Moreover, in certain cultures, offering a dove feather is synonymous with a declaration of love.

fluffy feather isolated on white backgro

Who am I?

A little blonde ready to conquer the world ❤


After having worked for more than 10 years as a legal assistant for lawyers, I had a sudden desire to find a new challenge that would combine organization & emotion. So I embarked on the project of becoming a Wedding Planner, full of motivation.


Thanks to the excellent training of the Nuptia agency, I obtained a certification. After that, all I had to do was take action... so I created my agency, filled with benevolence and passion.


So if the idea of getting married makes you happy but stresses you out, I will accompany you throughout the organization of your wedding and will coordinate it. Even in times of doubt or crying, I'll be by your side, ready to pull out the tissues.

Know that what will be most dear to my heart will be your satisfaction and your happiness!


fluffy feather isolated on white backgro
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